Assessment Software

Assessment Software

Assessment software is a tool used for creating multiple choice assessments and quickly collecting the checkbox responses from either online web based checkbox assessment forms or printed paper assessments which are distributed to the respondents. Online forms are filled in by the respondents using computers to complete checkbox questionnaire assessments, or people can be given a paper assessment form for filling in checkbox responses and then handing the form back. A web based assessment would require all respondents to have an online computer which is expensive to set up and wouldn’t always be practical, especially for people who don’t have much experience with computers. Paper Bubble sheet assessments are practical to print and distribute and can be automatically marked using Assessment OMR Software. Assessment software saves the time usually taken to manually collect checkbox responses, by automating the collection of checkbox responses made made in answer to multiple choice questions. The paper assessments are scanned using a decent quality image scanner, to produce clear sharp images that can be recognized and detected by the assessment software. A document scanner with an automatic paper feeding tray is recommended for scanning numerous assessment papers. Assessment software captures the hand filled checkbox responses and converts the captured information into computer data which can be exported to a spreadsheet or electronic management software. Assessment Software does this automatically so there is no need for added time spent on extra data entry. Assessment Software is used for education assessments, healthcare assessments and psychometric Assessments which all use checkboxes to collect standard responses from assessment questions or statements.

Scanning Assessment Bubble Sheets

Scan paper checkbox assessment forms with a document scanner to quickly capture checkbox responses with Assessment Software on a laptop or pc computer.

assessment software Assessment Software - free to download and try - Assessment software has an integrated form editor and form processor, for creating and printing checkbox assessments that can be recognized by the assessment software. Scan assessment forms to automatically capture the checkbox responses which will be saved as exportable captured checkbox value data (A,B,C,D etc.) in list form alongside the images of the scanned assessment forms.

Paper Assessment Software

  • Paper Assessment Software doesn’t involve a complicated or expensive setup requiring only a printer, scanner and computer to automatically process paper checkbox responses.
  • Design your own printable custom designed paper assessment checkbox forms which can be recognized by the assessment software.
  • A hard copy of the paper assessments and a printable scanned copy are available after completion of the assessments.
  • Only one computer is needed to automatically collect the checkbox responses.
  • Paper Assessment checkbox response data is exported to a spreadsheet or integrated automatically with your existing electronic management software.
  • Paper Assessment questions can be randomized to discourage student cheating or to target particular learning difficulties or problems.
  • There is no need for the paper assessments to be scanned in any particular order as the software uses the ID barcode to store the captured data in the correct place.
  • Paper Assessment Software is accurate, alleviates human error and processes the form pages as quickly as 30 pages per minute.

Design and print professional, paper multiple choice assessment forms then automatically capture respondents checkbox answers with one OMR Assessment Software that integrates the paper assessment form design with the captured data from the filled in checkbox responses.

No more waiting for assessment results, Paper Assessment checkbox response forms are used for:

Use plain paper checkbox assessments which are scanned and the captured response data exported to your external electronic management software or an excel spreadsheet.

Network Assessment software with other computers in the same office to share captured data.

Online Assessment Software

Online web-based assessment software is used for conducting multiple choice assessments, tests and surveys. This requires having an online computer available to all assessment takers. An assessment response form is created within the online assessment software and then completed by the respondents, usually a classroom of students, by clicking the checkbox bubble denoting their answer choice.

Online assessment software will be quite easy to use by students who are familiar with computers, it can be expensive to set up, problematic and unreliable when using with the ongoing costs to maintain and keep the software up to date.

  1. No hard copy of the assessment is available for printing or reviewing, as respondents use a computer to complete a fully online assessment or survey form. This can be a problem if there is an enquiry about final results.
  2. Assessment participants will need to be provided with Online computers in good working order.
  3. Online assessment software is usually an integrated part of a learning management system, which can be accessed by anyone who has authority to log in.
  4. There is usually the option to randomize banks of questions to discourage cheating or target learning difficulties.
  5. The assessment form must be created and set up within the online software, in advance of the test taking place.
  6. It can be expensive and complicated to setup and maintain the system, with IT contracts starting from $5000US per year.
  7. Spare computers will be needed in case of failure of a computer.
  8. Power failures or internet outages sometimes happen which are unavoidable and unpredictable. This can be a real problem if an online test has already started.
  9. Some online survey assessment software is free when using a small number of assessment forms.

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A Brief History of Assessment Software

Before the 1990s the only technology available for marking multiple choice assessment, was the Optical Mark Reader. Expensive to set up and maintain, this is a type of scanner with only one use, which is to read bubble sheet forms. The cost factor made it unavailable to smaller schools which meant it was only implemented into larger educational institutions, such as universities.

K-12 or public schools have also had the benefit of using this technology because the reader was provided free of cost with the only expense being the purchase of the special bubble sheet forms, needed to use with it.

OMR assessment software requires only a regular printer, scanner and computer to print, scan and collect the checkbox responses from paper assessment forms.

Education assessment software

  • Standardized assessments can be performed regularly without spending the time needed to manually mark. Efficiently track student performance.

Healthcare assessment software

  • Patient response data from surveys and assessments is available to healthcare workers as soon as patient assessment forms have been completed.

Survey Software

Conference Evaluation Software

  • Quickly and automatically collect survey analysis data from paper surveys.